Verbum is a multilingual dictionary application with extra features to help the user learn the words that are stored.

Verbum enables you to create your original wordbook, practice and test what you learned.

There are 850 words for Japanese dictionary, 450 for the Italian one. You can delete and add words. It's quite simple! So anyone can have their own wordbook.



With Verbum you can:

  • Creating your original Multilingual dictionary
  • Practice and test function
  • Categorizing words into group with your choice
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Exporting into Comma, separated file


Verbum screenshoot


How to use Verbum

It’s straight forward to use Verbum!

To edit words, double-click the word you want to edit, then it’s ready to edit.

To open a file, create a new one and save your work, please use the menu ‘File’

To add word- click ‘Word’ and ‘Add word’
To delete word- click ‘Word’ and ‘Delete word’
To search word- click ‘Word’ and ‘Find’, for more search, please click ‘Find next’ from ‘Word’ menu

To select word- click ‘Word’ and ‘Select’. There are 4 tabs; Selection, Group, Wrong, Randam. Please select one of tabs. You cannot select 2 tabs at the same time. For example, if you want verb and randam 10 words, it will be like this.

  1. Click ‘Word’, ‘Select’, then click ‘group’ tab and from ‘select group’ choose ‘verbs’. Then you will see all verbs.
  2. Repeat the same procedure again. Click ‘Word’, ‘Select’, then click ‘Random’ tab and choose the number of words.

To add group- click ‘Group’ and ‘Add Group’, then input any word you like in Group Name. Click the colour and select your favourite one.
To change group- click ‘Group’ and ‘Change Group’, then select a group name from drop-down menu. Now you can change a group name and colour.

To learn and test, click ‘Practice’ and ‘Test’. It will be a good idea to select words first. Otherwise you have too many words to practice! So for example if you want to learn words categorized as adjective, please click ‘Word, ‘Select’ words (see above – To select word) and then start ‘Learn’ and ‘Test’.

To find out the list of wrong answers, click ‘Word’, ‘Select’, then click ‘wrong’ tab and click 'OK'.

To export words, click ‘Options’ and ‘Export Words’. It will be exported into Comma, separated file.



Verbum can be downloaded here



Please send your comments, suggestions or bugs report to Paolo



Site News

Verbum-0.2 has been released.

Verbum has finally its Web site!